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Singletree Winery’s First Annual Longtable Harvest Dinner

To pair with the creamy, dreamy Butternut Squash Soup, Andrew chose the 2016 Wild Siggy. This Siegerrebe delivers a nice floral note laced with aromatics of lychee, peach and green apple, kissed by a hint of sweetness in the back end.

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Long Table Harvest Dinner at Singletree Winery

Chef Pieter, a local legend and owner of [Chef Pieter] Gourmet Artisan Dips, was responsible for this amazing dinner, which was far better than I have had at some very high-end restaurants.

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10 most innovative products in B.C. grocery stores

Assorted Artisan Cheese Dips

Great when combined with appetizers or even hors d’oeuvres, these locally made dips are created using the finest and freshest ingredients, organic when possible.

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Latest grocery trend blends the global with local

Hundreds of grocers gathered at the Vancouver Convention Centre for Western Canada’s largest grocery expo. Chef Pieter Van Meenen, who works at the Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre in Port Coquitlam, is one such chef. He said it was the popularity of his Beaver Dip — a jalapeño smoked gouda dip — that inspired him to create a line of dips.

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10 Most Innovative Products in B.C. grocery stores announced

At the Grocery & Specialty Food West exhibition at Vancouver Convention Centre on March 21, 2017, a panel of local food experts announced the Top 10 Most Innovative Products on the shelves of B.C. grocery stores. Chef Pieter’s line of artisan fresh cheese dips was among those selected!

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