Avocado Lime Gourmet Dip

Try it drizzled over fish tacos!

Oven-Dried Tomato, Goat Cheese, Chipotle Gourmet Dip

Serve this on your next charcuterie platter with crackers or pita chips.

Smoked Gouda Jalapeño Gourmet Dip

The dip that started Chef Pieter’s Kitchen! It’s totally addiptive.

Ghost Pepper Cranberry Gourmet Dip

Smear this sweet, spicy treat on a toasted bagel or fresh baguette.

White Cheddar Habanero Gourmet Dip

Level up your game-day nachos with this dip as a topping!

Smoked Salmon Gourmet Dip

Made with wild sockeye salmon.